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The story of red ginseng

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The process of red ginseng production

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1.Raw Material Preparation
The most important thing in making red ginseng is that when the leaves turn yellow in the fall (between September and October), the mesh tissue becomes the most dense. It is most important to prepare raw materials in a timely manner because saponin content is detected in large quantities.

The long-stored ginseng causes a lot of changes in the tissue, so when you stab the red ginseng, the internal organs become bigger. It is important to work immediately after mining ginseng because there is a number and the saponin number is a significant drop.

Precise machine cleaning is important at the same time as manual work. These days, the washing machine works so well that the epidermis doesn't come off. It is possible. If the cleaning is not done hygienically and the soil is less cleaned, the soil resistance may occur when running red ginseng.

4.Increasing ginseng
Proper temperature and time are important according to the conditions of the machine, and it refers to the process of steaming red ginseng with water vapor and steaming it for three hours at 95°C. Set aside about 11 hours to cook slowly inside. This can vary in temperature and time depending on the size of the ginseng or the nature of the machine. The narrative is that... This refers to the average and can be adjusted up and down from the average.

Dry it first with a machine, and then install two dry facilities in one place. Steamed red ginseng, put in a drying machine, and then force ventilation to 50°C. Dry it for about 24 hours, and then slowly drain the dry water out of the body where the second round of pigmentation is made.

Trim with a little moisture on the body.

7.Selection, Sorting
Selection work shall be carried out in accordance with the standards of the Ginseng Business Act.

8.Wet spot
The moisture content of agricultural products shall be high and even at high temperatures and humidity so that they are suitable for processing.

Arrangement to the same size

The process of applying heat to the mold making.

Reconstruct so that the moisture is not more than 14%.

After vacuum packing, the inspector's inspection certificate is issued to the underground box, can, etc., and the inspection certificate is attached and released.