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The story of red ginseng

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How to drink

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Eating tips
As an essential condition to ensure the ingestion effect of red ginseng, you should first understand the principle of red ginseng's action. The effect of red ginseng intake is to improve and supplement disease or loss aimed at improving immunity and improving the constitution through normalizing the entire function. The red ginseng effect is the principle of action.

To be satisfied with the red ginseng intake effect, the purpose of intake, method of intake, intake product must be definite, steady, and continuous.

Purpose of ingestion
It's too much to eat red ginseng for direct treatment, such as stopping coughing, treating colds, and treating neuralgia. This is because the basic principle of red ginseng intake is to restore a healthy and healthy body by improving the constitution by supplementing the" vitality-insufficiency."

How to intake
(1) Set the amount of intake appropriate for yourself. The intake varies greatly depending on the type, symptoms, and constitution of the disease, so the standard intake is set by increasing and decreasing every one week. The first reaction to eating red ginseng is a small and soft stool. (Feeling good, soft talking)

  • - If you don't show up, you'll see that your intake is low and increase by 30% from the second week. It will increase by 30% from the 3rd week.
  • - If you have diarrhea, you control the amount of excess and decrease. (10% for the second week and 20% for the third week.)
  • (2) Eat regularly.
    Red ginseng has no immediate effect or effect.
    Red ginseng does not directly attack the intended disease, but it is a principle of recovering health by surrounding it from afar, so it is important to eat regularly and steadily to improve the overall condition.

    In other words, it actually works immediately, but it takes time for you to be aware of it.

  • - It is recommended to maintain health and prevent diseases once to three times a day, and to recover from diseases two to three times a day.
  • - Take it with enough water on an empty stomach. Red ginseng is absorbed well when hungry. (Water is good for body temperature.)
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