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About Gangwon Ginseng Nonghyup

Introducing the Gangwon Ginseng Nonghyup, which specializes in the production management and manufacturing distribution of Gangwon Ginseng.

After the Gangwon-do area was announced as a red ginseng cultivation area on October 6th, 1970, ginseng cultivation farms in Gangwon-do have been steadily expanding so far, and ginseng has become a high-income crop for farmers in the province. Gangwon-do is emerging as the country's largest ginseng cultivation site for red ginseng raw materials as the cultivated ginseng cultivation site in Gyeonggi-do is depleted.

Accordingly, the Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative Association is committed to maintaining the achievements of Korean red ginseng, the elixir of mankind, and joint creation of producers and consumers. Distribution of street ginseng production technology, processing, expansion of sales business, establishment of a direct transaction system that directly connects ginseng farmers and consumers, and We are committed to regional development and promotion of regional closeness projects according to cooperation projects, and also to serve customer satisfaction. We promise to be reborn as a Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative.

Thank you for visiting our Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative Association, and we will do our best to provide consistent and high quality services.
Thank you very much.


As the temperature rises steadily due to warming, the cultivation of ginseng is turning north.
The best temperature for ginseng to live is Gangwon-do.


Ginseng is severely damaged by annual damage, and it requires leave for about 10 years after harvest. If ginseng is grown before that time, it will rot almost over 4 years old.
Gangwon-do has a lot of clean new land for ginseng planting.


Ginseng grown in soiled soil does not develop roots and grows like radishes or carrots.
The place where ginseng can really grow like ginseng is in Gangwon-do.


Gangwon-do is the main producing place of heavenly ginseng that satisfies all these conditions.


It is cultivated in the nature
of Gangwon-do,
Korea's best clean area.


The daily and annual differences are large, so the meat quality of ginseng is firm and the fragrance is good.


The NACF directly manages the entire process from the planned site to purchase.


Nonghyup directly processes it to make it a reliable product.