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The story of red ginseng

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The efficacy of red ginseng

GangWon GinSeng NongHyup produces the best products with every sincerity.

Diabetes prevention
- Hyperglycemia Inhibition in Adult Disease Diabetes Due to Obesity
(Professor Mikyung Sung, Sookmyung Women's University)
-lood sugar lowering effect (Professor Kimura, Toyama University, Japan)

Boosting immunity
- Increased antibody production, lymphocyte activation, increased cellular immunity (Dr. Gupta, India)
- Helps in AIDS treatment that destroys immunity (Dr. Young-Gol Cho, Asan Medical Center)

Anticancer action and cancer prevention effect
- Anticancer effect and carcinogenic inhibitory effect (Dr. Taek-gu Yoon, Korea Atomic Energy Hospital)
- Anti-cancer side effects (Professor Hong-Tae Noh, Chungnam National University)

Blood circulation improvement and blood pressure control effect
- Promoting blood circulation (Dr. Eunyuan Jin, China-Japan Friendship Hospital)
- Blood pressure lowering effect on hypertensive patients(Professor Oh Byeong-hee, Seoul National University Hospital)

Improvement of menopausal symptoms
- Depression, sexual function, insomnia, nervousness, ovarian function, gastrointestinal function improvement (Professor Okita, Osaka University, Japan)

Anti-fatigue, anti-stress
- Fatigue recovery effect (Dr. Breakman, Russia)
- Prevention of decrease in exercise capacity due to stress (Professor Saito, University of Tokyo, Japan)

Cognitive function improvement
- Effect of mae therapy (Professor Manho Kim, Seoul National University Hospital)
- Enhancement of memory and learning ability (Professor Saito, University of Tokyo, Japan)

A boost of energy
- Improvement of Impotence Disorder (Professor Choi Hyung-ki of Yonsei University)
- Improvements in penile stiffness, sexual desire, and satisfaction (Dr. Andrade, Brazil)

Get rid of a hangover
- Promoting Alcohol Disintegration (Dr. Lee Jae-yeol of the Korea Institute of Samyeon Elementary School)
- Decreased liver damage due to alcohol (Professor of Yonsei University)